Direct effect of interaction quality on learning quality the direct effect of interaction quality on learning quality

Eta Hazana Abdullah

The solid waste management and the recyclability

Aza Ghani Kanesan

The effects of copper and nitrogen levels on yield of Fenugreek

Mahfoudh Ismail

The effect of psychological capital on the organizational silence

Memiyanty Rahim

Damage detection in bridges by measuring the vibration response and using continuous Wavelet transform algorithm

Ali Kargar, Nima Ashrafi, Reza Pashaei
PDF (1412 K)

The Role of Mehr Housing in Rural Settlements around Parand New City (Manjil Abad Village)

Tahmineh Daniali, Touba Ashtari Mahini
PDF (2302 K)

The Mediating Role of Psychological Empowerment Aspects on Transformational Leadership in ZTB Bank

Nurdan Jariego
PDF (794 K)

The Relationship between Customer Satisfactions in Designing on the Formation of Registered Companies in Stock Exchange

Saeed Ahmadpour Kasgari, Mojtaba Ebrahimi, Amir Gol Abkenar, Siyamak Maddah
PDF (791K)

Investigation of The relationship between Iranian Café literature and culture, in Safavid Era

Hamid Hajianpour, Homayoun Norypanah
PDF (559 K)

Stratigraphy and Foraminiferal Biozonation of Upper Cretaceous deposits in south-west of Iran (Khorramabad-Kuhdasht)

Leila Toulabi, Parvaneh Rezaei Roozbahani
PDF (1058 K)

Microbiostratigraphy and Paleoecology of Permo-Triassic Deposits in NW Iran (Kuh-e-Alibashi)

Parvaneh Rezaei Roozbahani , Wolfgang Mette
PDF (960 K)

Relationship between Perspectives of Internet and Designing Communication on Context of Globalization

Elnor Kamari
PDF (736 K)

Microbiostratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous deposits in SW Iran (NW Kermanshah , Javanroud)

Mahtab Dousti, Parvaneh Rezaei Roozbahani, Siamak Baharvand
PDF (1000 K)

Study and Comparison on Two Mosque- School: Chaharbagh and Seyed, in Terms of Decorative Motifs

Shahrbanoo Khazan, Vigen Ghazarian
PDF (2802 K)

Microbiostratigraphy of Paleocene- Eocene calcareous deposits in south-west of Iran (SW Kermanshah,Siahgel)

Parvaneh Rezaei Roozbahani , Ghazaleh Amushahi
PDF (1493 K)

Assessing ecological power in natural habitat of Cerasus avium in northern forest of Iran

Ghorban Shahriar
PDF (1310K)

Evaluation of pedestrians speed with investigation of un-marked crossing

Iraj Bargegol, Naeim Taghizadeh, Vahid Najafi Moghaddam Gilani
PDF (961K)

Simile and metaphor in the words of the Prophet Mohammad

Gholam Reza Karim Fard, Samir Poriyan Poor
PDF (576K)

Simulation and reduction of permanent fault in the distribution networks by adopting Fault Current Limiters (FCL)

Seyed Mohammad Shariatmadar, Mahmoud Ariyannejad
PDF (831K)

Investigation of Principles of International Affairs of the Islamic Government from the perspective of Jurisprudence of Shi'ite and Sunni sources

Mohammad Javad Heidari Khorasani, Ali Delfani
PDF (575K)

The Effect of Creating Trust in Increasing of the Soft Power of Islamic Government Inview of Political Jurisprudence

Ali Mohamed, Mohsen Malek Afzali Ardakani, Seyed Mahdi Jokar
PDF (704 K)

Strategy development of the Directorate General of Road and urban with marketing approach in Khorasan Razavi

Elham Akhlaghi
PDF (867 K)

Investigating war and corruption on the earth according to Imamate and Sunny jurisprudence

Ali Mohamed, Mansour Rezvani
PDF (578 K)

The concept of virtual boundary representation in political space

Mohsen Rahimi
PDF (542 K)

The Effect of Rainy Weather on Walking Speed of Pedestrians on Sidewalks

Iraj Bargegol, Vahid Najafi Moghaddam Gilani
PDF (836 K)

Understanding the spatial and temporal patterns of urban growth using metric space-Case study Tehran

Mohsen Rahimi, Masoumeh Jalili
PDF (712 K)

Evaluation of Housing for Income Groups in Urban Areas of Lorestan Province

Mohsen Rahimi, Ali Reza Elhami
PDF (606 K)

Identify and rank marketing component of effective relationship on the loyalty of travelers (case study: The Airline companies in the city of Shiraz)

Fatemeh Kazemnejad, Abbas Ali Hagh Parast, Zahra Rashki Ghaleno, Atefeh Golshahi, Mahmood Safarzae
PDF (935 K)

Identifying and ranking the needs of customers using the Kano approach

Leila Andervazh, Soghra Dolatkhah, Rasa Mohajeri, Davood Karami Esfeh
PDF (678 K)

Water quality status of Tarwal River in Kurdestan province using IRWQIsc index and quality zoning based on IDW interpolation model

Hadi Nayyeri, Sahar Zandi
PDF (1130 K)

Counseling Needs of Parents for Increased Awareness of Child’s Rights Act in Nigeria

Eucharia Nchedo Nwosu, Immaculata Nwakaego Akaneme, Chiedu Eseadi,Ashofor H. Arinola, Jude I Abah, Daniel E Asogwa

PDF (710 K)

Assessment the Creativity between English and Arabic Language Teachers

Mahdieh Sanaei ,Zargham Ghapanchi
PDF (716 K)

Investigate losses resulting from delay in tax receipt in Khorasan

Javad Zahedi , Seyed Hadi Miri
PDF (835 K)

Extending the role of guidance counselors to address quality assurance in inclusive schools in Nigeria

Samuel C. Ugwoke, Chiedu Eseadi, Leonard T. Ugwuanyi, Amaka B. Ikechukwu-Ilomuanya
PDF (682 K)

The relation between knowledge and salvation in the Qur'an with an emphasis on interpretations Almizan and Nemouneh

Nasrin Aqrebaei, Seyed Mohammad Ali Ayyazi, Mojgan Sarshar
PDF (604 K)

Water reservoirs (āb anbār) of Yazd city with the perspective of saving energy consumption Case study: (six-windcatcher Water reservoir in Yazd, five-windcatcher Water reservoir in Yazd)

Mohammad Rahimzadeh Bashmahaleh, Saeed Ghassemi
PDF (1120 K)

Teaching quality in higher education: Evidence from University of Applied Science and Technology of South-Khorasan

Fatemeh Zeinoddini Meymand, Afsaneh Abdoli
PDF (869 K)

A Theoretical Research: National Innovation System with Entrepreneurship Approach

Alireza Tabandegan, Mina Moshiri
PDF (466 K)

Investigation the Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Financial Performance of Restaurants

Ronak Veisi, Mansour Irandoost
PDF (692 K)

Mathematical Modeling of Moral Hazard in Healthcare and Empirical Evidence in China

Yong Jiang
PDF (1000 K)

The concept of procedure and conditions of this phenomenon in the legislation of Iran

Ali Rafiei
PDF (568 K)

The effect of culture components on cognitive and behavioral characteristics of female adolescence in Tehran

Maryam Akbarzadeh, Masoumeh Farajpour
PDF (841 K)

The applicability of Montessori Method in preschool of Tehran City

Maryam Akbarzadeh,Reza Solgi
PDF (856 K)

Abilities of organization for client part taking in the health care creativity

Hesamoddin Saeedian
PDF (725 K)

Partnering Research in Construction Engineering Journals

Alireza Ghaffari, Ali Kargar
PDF (1300 K)

Ranking approaches to struggle corruption by using evaluation and mixed criteria (evamix)

Ruhollah Sohrabi, Hossein Nemati
PDF (961 K)

Techno-Economic survey on Helium recovery from South Pars gas field in Iran

Mohammad Heidari, Ahmad Tavasoli, Ali Karimi
PDF (631 K)

Effectiveness of Cognitive and Behavioral Couple Therapy on Communication Skills of Couples Referring to Welfare Consultation Centers in Kermanshah City

Mokhtar Arefi, Mahvash Moazinezhad
PDF (631 K)

Prediction of flowering occurrence in soybean in north of Iran

Samiyeh Raeisi
PDF (915 K)

Link the theory and practice: the critical criteria of Floden and Beyer educational ideas and draw the perspective of teacher education in Iran

Aboo Saeed Davarpanah, Mohammad Reza Ahanchian, Bakhtiar Shabani Varki, Yahya Kazemi
PDF (760 K)

Investigate Relation of Attributive Style, Adaption with Stress Style with Quality of Applicants’ Life of Divorce and Compare it with Ordinary People of Zanjan City

Leila Ajally, Afasaneh Sobhi
PDF (777 K)


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