Job Satisfaction and Mental Health on of Principals in Bumiputra-Commerce Holdings, Malaysia

Rawshan Sohag
PDF (669 K)

A Critical Review of EMG Based Knee Rehabilitative Exoskeleton Systems

Chor Foon Tan
PDF (509 K)

Relation between Nurse and Patient-A Comparison in Malaysia, China and the UK

Nant Sohoda
PDF (890 K)

Statistics and Geo statistics in the Study of Heavy Metals Contamination in Groundwater of Shazand, Arak, Iran

Sanaz Khammar, Elham Movahed
PDF (670 K)

An Expressionistic Survey in Oriental Aestheticism: The Application of Expressionism on a Sample Iranian Ghashghaei Rug

Seyed Abol Ghasem Forouzani
PDF (647 K)

Decentralization and its Role in Enhancing the Economic Power of Local Government

Khai Mokhtar
PDF (1042 K)


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