Volume 2 (2005)


Aerobic rice - Rice cultivation without water stagnationSariam O. ,Asfaliza R

Sariam O. ,Asfaliza R


MR 220 new rice varieties

Alias I. ,Othman O. ,Mohamad H. ,Saad A. ,Habibuddin H. ,Abd Rahman A.B. ,Azlan S


Weed control in direct seeded rice: A review

Azmi M. ,Karim S.M.R. ,Ismail B.S.


Growth and yield performance under tongkat ali root system plant opens in KESEDAR Mengkebang

Musa Y. ,Mansor P. ,Ramli M

The variety of morphological and agronomic some gold accession cotek contained in Kelantan and Terengganu

Musa Y.

Recommendations fertilizing the earth in the land of bile bris

Zaharah A.


Cat's whiskers plant populations on the ground bris

Zaharah A. ,Salbiah H.


The comparative results between the eight species of Zingiberaceae family

Ghawas M. Muhamad ,Azmil I. Abdul Rahman


The introduction of organic farming, soil fertility and pest management

Tan S.L. ,Aini Z.


Sri Kanji 1 and Sri Kanji 2: A contributor to the country's industrial starch

Mohsin Y. ,Tan S.L. ,Abd. Hamid I. ,Zainal Abidin K.


The new fertilizer formulations improving the yield and quality of tobacco durable heat in the ground bris

Wan Azman W.I. ,Salbiah H.


Pengawetankrio - alternative storage methods for the genetic resources of tropical fruits

Halimathul Saadiah A.S


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