Volume 12, Supp 1 (2015)



Investigating The Familiarity Of High School Teachers in Iran With Educational Viewpoints Of Nassir Al-Din Tusi For Knowledge Improvement

Mostafa Pak
PDF (777 K)

Structural Modeling of Internet addiction based on social competence and sensation seeking (Case study girl student first grade second daughter of Ilam 2015)

Seyed Rahmatallah Musavimoghadam, Hoda Eskandaripour, Fereshteh Moradkhani
PDF (800 K)

The Feasibility of Using a Tank for Various Products

Sadegh Jozian, Mahdi Ghoharrokhi
PDF (765 K)

The tools to control judge’s impartiality in the light of Iranian Penal Procedure Law (2013)

Khalili Mohammad Reza, Rajabiyeh Mohammad Hossein
PDF (536 K)

Crime prevention by an attitude toward preventing criminological teachings

Vasfi Sis Ali Akbar, Rajabiyeh Mohammad Hossein
PDF (731 K)

A Comparative Study of Traditional and Modern Urban Architecture with an Emphasis on Features Consistent with Climate (Case Study: Tabriz City)

Seyed Mahdi Ghoddusifar, Karim Beyrami
PDF (647 K)

Studying the Relation between Financial Ratios and Economic Performance by Using of Q-Toubin Index in Companies Listed on Tehran Stock Exchange

Talebian Sohail, Daghbandan Alahyar
PDF (914 K)

Providing a New Model for Partially Cloud Computing-based SCADA Systems. Case: Tehran's SCADA system

Ali Dolatshahi Zand, Mehrdad Javadi, Mohsen Ahmadi Moghaddam Armaki
PDF (744 K)

Analyzing and Evaluating the Impact of Organizational Culture on Personnel Empowerment (Case Study: Health Insurance of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province)

Seyed Akbar Nilipour Tabatabaei, Safar Faramarzi
PDF (864 K)

Analysis of Social Marketing Effect on Addiction and its Prevention

Mahdi Moslehi, Mehrdad Forouzandeh, Nousha Safahani, Seyed Alimohammad Ghazvini
PDF (684 K)

Characteristics of human intellect in Ibn Sina views

Zeinab Sedaghatian
PDF (472 K)

Comparison between Heidegger and Mulla Sadra's viewpoint about "Existence"

MAbdullah Niksirat
PDF (563 K)

The Relationship between Information Technology and Communication (ICT) Skills of the Teachers and Their Active Teaching Methods

Mohammad Javadipour, Marzieh Dehghani, Eshrat Parpanji
PDF (707 K)

Effect of Responsibility, Self-Confidence and Creativity on Trends in Social Entrepreneurship among Employees in all branches of Sepah Bank in Karaj County

Momeneh Ghasemi, Najmeh Bohlouli Ghashghaei
PDF (955K)

Investigating the Effect of General Factors on brand Preference

Jamil Moradi, Mansour Khaksar
PDF (656 K)

Investigating the Effect of Self-Discretion and Confidence On Improvement of Team working Activities

Mohammad Bijadeh, Pari Tatar
PDF (918 K)

An Empirical Study: The Impact of Dimensions of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Financial Performance

Ronak Veisi, Mansour Irandoost
PDF (877 K)

Designing Strategic Environmental Decision-Making Model Based on Positioning Assessment of Industrial Towns Utilizing SMCE, TOPSIS and SAW (Case Study: Industrial Towns of Yazd Province)

B.Maghsoudlou, J.Nouri, L.Ebrahimi
PDF (914 K)

Fusarium cf nygamai as a new entomopathogenic fungus infecting melon weevil ( Acytopeus curvirostris persicus)

N.Sepasi, M.Jahania, M.R.Mirzaee, K.Mohammadpour
PDF (831 K)

Financial Leverage and Free Cash Flow Relationship in Financially Distressed and Non-Distressed Companies

Rasoul Keshtkar, Hashem Valipour, Ali Jamshidi
PDF (777 K)

Identification of Optimum Level of Organizational Spirituality in Relation to Maximizing the Employees Performance in Qazvin Governor General Office

Abdolreza Miri
PDF (1420K)

Iran's Interactions with human rights assemblies and institutes as an influential step to reduce the challenges of human rights ahead of Islamic Republic of Iran

Reza Simbar, Gholamreza Asadolahi
PDF (659K)

Seroepidemiologic Study of Horses Leptospirosis in Khorramabad, west Iran

Shahram Maleki, Ali Sookhtehzari, Gholamreza Abdollahpour
PDF (633 K)

Seroprevalence of Leptospiral Infection in sheep in Khorramabad, west Iran

Shahram Maleki,Mohammad Rahnein
PDF (772 K)

A survey on frequency and kinds of foreign objects of rumen and reticulum and reticular adhesion in cattle slaughtered in Khorramabad abattoir

Shahram Maleki, Mohammad Hussein Gharouni, Mohammad Rahnein
PDF (761 K)

A Comparison of cognitive profiles of students with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disorder in Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV

Abasian Maryam, Shamsaee Mohammad Mahdi, Asadi Javanshir, Pour Shahbaz Abbas,Rahimpour Farzaneh, Saffarian Zahra, Abasian Mahboubeh, Abasi Imane, Abasian Masoumeh

PDF (736 K)

An Investigation on the Effects of Information and Communication Technology on Agility of Crisis-related Organizations: a Case-study of Red Crescent Organization

Abolfazle Sepehri Rad, Esmaeil Sabzikaran

PDF (1090 K)

Coupled fixed point theorems for a generalized fuzzy g-meir– keeler contraction in fuzzy metric spaces

Alireza Naeimi Sadigh

PDF (1040 K)

The Role of Management Characteristics on the Performance of Employees - Case Study at Universities in Iran

Seyed Reza Seyed Nezhad Fahim, Mojtaba Maleki, Ghasem Farajpour

PDF (1360 K)

Analyzing the effects of atmospheric circulation patterns on rainfall variations in Iran

Mohammad Reza Poudineh, Akbar Zahraii, Parviz Panjeh Koubi

PDF (1690 K)

Relationship of Parental Rearing Styles with Learning and Students’ Thinking Styles

Abbas Habibzadeh, Bahareh Shirvani, Fatemeh Sadat Razeghi

PDF ( 645 K)

Relationship of Family Flexibility with Forming Identity and Responsibility of Teenagers

Majid Zargham Hajebi, Bahareh Shirvani, Fatemeh Sadat Razeghi

PDF (652 K)

A comparison of academic procrastination and personality traits of male and female students

Abbas Habibzadeh, Nazgol Naeimian

PDF (631 K)

Governing principles on fair trial under Iranian Criminal Procedure Law (2013)

Khalili Mohammad Reza, Rajabiyeh Mohammad Hossein

PDF ( 670 K)

Study the Factors Effective on Controlling Administrative Violations of the Employees of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences (2010-2014)

Khaled Mohammadi, Sayed Mahyadin Sajadi, Seifollah Moradi, Ayoub Mahmoudi, Elaheh Amoyan,Mohsen Izan

PDF ( 1250 K)

An Enhanced Optimization of Hooke-Jeeves Approach

Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabaei Mehrizi, Ali Sorourkhah

PDF (783 K)

Comparative analysis of artificial neural networks and linear regression analysis in predicting the price index of mining companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange

Sedigheh Azadbakhsh, Mohammed Mohebi

PDF (1630 K)

Marine images Khorasani and Iraqi poetry style

Arash Amraei

PDF (621 K)

Studying the effect of Health consciousness, environmental attitude and healthy lifestyle on attitude toward organic foods

Marjan Farhangzadeh

PDF (975 K)

Investigating the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Loyalty (Case Study: Karafarin Insurance Company of East Azerbaijan Province)

Farzad Hajighafouri Boukani, Kamran Kasraei

PDF (836K)

Effective Methods of Family Education in Reducing Anxiety, Aggression and Depression in Youth

Parvin Mirzaie

PDF (955 K)

The Investor’s Responsibility under the Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard

Zeinab Asqari

PDF (631K)

The Relationship between Earning Management, Corporate Performance and Initial Public Offering of stock

Roohollah Sedighi, Parisa Tafazoli

PDF (836K)

The Effect of Different Concentrations of Gibberelic Acid (GA3) on Somatic Embryogenesis of Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea L.)

Masumeh Fallah Ziarani, Raheem Haddad, Ghasemali Garoosi, Mokhtar Jalali

PDF (897K)

Study the Relationship between Organization Purposes and Procedure Consistency (Compatibility) of Employees on Customer's Satisfaction

Hadi Khosravani Farahani, Amir Babak Marjani

PDF (966K)

A New Model of Topsis, AHP & Delphi to Evaluation of Affecting Factors on BSC Implementation A Case Study from Iran's Aviation Industry

Zohreh Falah

PDF (943K)

The Role of Demographic and Employment Factors on Effectiveness of Organizational-Evidence from India

Soumendu Boglarsky

PDF (744K)

Studying the Geomorphologic Variations of Central Alborz southern mountainside in the extension (development) of the natural hazards: by focusing on Evin Darake Region

Saedeh Abyar, Missa Jarrahi, Alireza Zahedi

PDF (1300K)

Glass Painting in Iran and Italy: A Comparative Study

Zahra Pakzad, Marzieh Pakzad

PDF (730K)

The Devine imagination in the Islamic Era Persian Painting: Ikhwan al-Safa's Views

Zahra Pakzad, Zahra Montazeri

PDF (687K)

Elegy in Ignorance Age

Samir Pourianpour, Kheyrieh Ecresh

PDF (468K)

The Role of Religious Orientation and Assertiveness Skills in Reducing Suicidal Thoughts at University Students ILAM City

Seyed Rahmatollah Musavimoghadam, Asadollah Vahidi, Ebadollah Mirzabeigi, Neda Zahirikhah

PDF (697K)

The Relationship between Personality Traits and Management Performance Case Study: Middle School caretakers, in Hamedan Province, Iran

Gholamali Ahmadi, Ali Ahmadalizadeh

PDF (577K)


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