Volume 12, Supp 2 (2015)


Analyzing zendevari (lifelikeness) approach in Persian gardens using SWOT technique Case Study of Fin Garden in Kashan

Houtan Iravani, Shifteh Iranpour, Shohreh Sohrabi, Behnam Bagheri
PDF (888 K)

A comparative study of Isfahan Grand Mosque and Hakim Mosque

Houtan Iravani, Davoodreza Laricheh, Sajad Karimi, Amir Hosseinbozorgiyan, Mahsa Habibpor Javanshir, Mohammad Reza Paknahad
PDF (1318 K)

Role and Function of Religious Texts in Iranian Traditional Architecture

Houtan Iravani, Kamal Fallah, Mahmood Zargari Pour, Behnam Matinfar, Mojtaba Zaghinezhad
PDF (549 K)

Functions of Altar with Emphasis on the Mosques of Isfahan

Houtan Iravani, Mozhdeh Sadat Mirlohi, Arezo Soleimani Malekan, Saeed Mardani Jondabe
PDF (1973 K)

The Secret of Zendevari (Life Likeness) of Khajoo Bridge

Houtan Iravani, Elaheh Mirsafaei, Mahtab Fakhri
PDF (1684 K)

Analysis of zendevari (lifelikeness) in Iranian traditional markets using SWOT technique (A Case Study of Qeisarieh market in Isfahan)

Houtan Iravani, Sadegh Moradpour, Seyed Hamed Cheraghalipour Kahrouei, Mehrdad Dehghani
PDF (757 K)

Analysis and comparison of plans and designs of the Iranian sashes(case study of Angurestan Malek in Isfahan - Mansion House windward in Tehran – Arg Karim Khan in Shiraz- Dolat Abad Garden in Yazd - building Salar Said in Sanandaj)

Houtan Iravani, Amir Hossein Bozorgiyan, Davoodreza Laricheh, Sajad Karimi, Zahra Sadat Safavi, Iman Semsar
PDF (1271 K)

A Critique on the difference of Kosta Došen between the analysis and definition in Inferentialism approach to the logical constants

Morteza Mezginejad, Lotfollah Nabavi, Seyyed Mohammad Ali Hodjati
PDF 842 K)

The Influence of Leadership Styles on Staffs’ Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment: The Case Study of Construction Companies

Sanjar Salajeghe, Marjane Habibi
PDF (1001 K)

Investigating the Role and Place of Computer Software Programs in the Creative Design Process

Qader Bayzidi, Yousef Hamejani, Bayazid Golabi, Babak Motiei
PDF (790 K)

Cinema and Cultural Complex with the Approach of Seventh Art Interaction with People

Hadi Sajjad, Houtan Iravani
PDF (783 K)

Competence System Establishment in Private Organizations the City of Kerman

Rostam Pourrashidi, Kuroush Ghanbari, Nasim Meinaei, Hassan Hosseini Naserabad
PDF (1034 K)

The Principles of Good Governance in Light of Iran Administrative Court of Justice Vote

Marjan Ghashghayee Nejad, Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini Karabi
PDF (697 K)

Developing an Architecture to Publish Data Warehouses Metadata Based on the Semantic Web

Mohammad Harizi, Esmaeel Sahanalizade, Mohammad Sarkaki
PDF (782 K)

The Study of E-Government Role in Promoting Organization’s Agility

Sadaf Estanesti
PDF (949 K)

Study the Effect of Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty Customer Trust and Mediative the with Regard to Alternative of Customer Satisfaction (Case Study: Mellat bank Branches Of Khorramabad City)

Amir Houshang Nazar Poory, Hojat Vahdati, Seyyedeh Masoomeh Hayatoalgheib Moghadam
PDF (1061 K)

The Effective Factors to the Imprisonment of the Innocent Person

Mahvash Cheraghi
PDF (873 K)

Surveying the Modern and Islamic Methodology of Psychology

Mohsen Shahabi, Hamidreza Aghamohammadian Sharbaf
PDF (542 K)

Applied Patterns of Light in Iranian Traditional Architecture

Houtan Iravani, Hadi Kiani, Vahid Mohammadinejad, Amir Kian Ersi, Farshid Salehi Kahrizsangi
PDF (1298 K)

Considering the Zendevari (Lifelikeness) Factors in Majd Garden

Houtan Iravani, Zahra Oryani, Fatemeh Ghorbanpoor, Nasim Naseri Esfahani,Saba Hajivand, Marjan Esfandyari

PDF (1245 K)

Introducing the Plants Used in the Design of Green Roofs in Iran

Houtan Iravani, Sajad Karimi, Amir Hosseinbozorgiyan, Davoodreza Laricheh, Omid Pahlevan Sadegh
PDF (2053 K)

Considering the Zendevari (lifelikeness) Factors in Badi Alsanaye's Mansion

Houtan Iravani, Zahra Oryani, Fatemeh Ghorbanpoor, Mohammad Masoomizade, Mohammadreza Rezvani, Mehdi Rezvani
PDF (823 K)

Investigate the Relationship between Organizational Health and Agility as a Competitive and a Strategic Advantage in Organization Case Study "Gas Company of Semnan Province"

Amir Hossein Rafati Alashti, Mahrokh Mokhtaran
PDF (1010 K)

Relationship between Organizational Justice and Job Satisfaction of Sport Teacher of Education Isfahan

Abbas Shafiee, Matin Gitifar
PDF (810 K)

Detailed Exploration of the History and Dowry from Jafari Jurisprudence and Civil Rights Perspective in Iran

Hossein Mohammadi Bonchenari, Mohammed Amin Maleki
PDF (590 K)

The Introduction of the International Criminal Court and Thus the Palestinian Membership

Payman Hosseinzadeh, Vahid Sharify
PDF (840 K)

The Effective Factors of Management and Entrepreneurship from the Viewpoint of Islamic Values

Mohammad Bagher Babaee Talatapeh, Amirhossein Kordnouri
PDF (1050 K)

Investigation of Gravamen in Naser Khosrow Poetry Complex

Mehr Ali Harati Moghaddam
PDF (592 K)

Jurisprudence and Legal Investigation in Challenges of Women's Rights

Seyedeh Nooshin Pachenari, Mohammad Ali Kheirollahi
PDF (746 K)

The Relationship between Components of Organizational Culture and Agility of Zabol University of Medical Sciences Based on the Denison Organizational Culture Model

Mohsen Sanchuli, Badrodin Orei Yazdani
PDF (725 K)

Investigation of the Efficiency of Manufacturing Companies in Machinery and Equipment Industry Applying DEA Method

Safiye Bakhshani, Abdollah Sepahi
PDF (734 K)

Relationship between Student's Gender and ICT Dimensions

Rabeeh Tahmasebi
PDF (710 K)

Sustainable Architectural Indicators in Hospital Architectural Design in Contemporary Period

Mehrdad Taheri Kahnamoei, Hassan Sattari Sarbangholi
PDF (850 K)

Effects of Loss of Property Dedicated in Shiite Jurisprudence

Hossein Mohammadi Bonchenari, Mohammed Amin Maleki
PDF (543 K)

Effect of Marketing Programs on Quality of Customer Relations in the Melli Bank of Iran

Ali Asghar Mashayekh, Reza Aghamousa, Abdollah Naami
PDF (1160 K)

Recognize Ranking Efficient Factor on Supply Chain (Case Study ISACO Co.)

Zohreh Hashemi Noor, Asghar Moshabaki Esfahani, Naser Azad
PDF (1190 K)

Evaluating the effect of paying attention to creating opportunity on the effectiveness of employee performance (A case study in the Telecommunication Company of North Khorasan)

Farideh Hekmatifar, Fariman Ebrahimzade
PDF (536 K)

Matrimonial Property in Family law of Canada

Maryam Fakharian, Mohamad Karim Hejazi
PDF (707 K)

Behavior Sports of Students in Physical Education Ardabil Province Based on the Change Process and its Relationship with Self

Elham Radmehr, Sarvenaz Anoosheh, Farhad Gaderi
PDF (735 K)

The Role of Offer and Accseptance in Building the Contract in Iranian Law

Fatemeh Anahid, Reza Mohammadi, Akbar Abdizadeh Kalan
PDF (489 K)

Comparison of Thickness of Frame Glass and the Diameter of Hole of Junction Backrest to the Structural Glass under Axial Compressive Loads

Hani Baghi, Seyyed Hossein Hosseini Lavasani
PDF (1680 K)

Principal Review of Esteshab

Eileen Nozari, Fatemeh Anahid
PDF (480 K)

Investigation of the Role of Effortful Control and Gender in Prediction of Classroom Participation, Teacher-Student Social Relationships and Perceived Academic Competency and Mathematical Academic Achievement

Nasibeh Zolfaghari, Mohammad Ahmadi Dehqutbuddini
PDF (722 K)

Exploring Relationships between Company's Operating Cycle and Inflation Rates with Cash Holdings Strategy (A case study from Tehran Stock Exchange)

Hajar Falah
PDF (1010 K)

Decision Making on Analyzing Advanced Manufacturing Systems Dimensions: SWARA and COPRAS_G Integration (Case Study: Automotive Industry)

Gholamreza Jamali, KH.Farrokhnejad, Masoumeh Mohammadi
PDF (1190 K)

A Structural Relationship between Knowledge Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Organizational Profitability

Seyed Masoud Hosseini Shorshani, Masoud Shekarchi Asadollahi, Abbas Abbasi
PDF (881 K)

Studying the Position of Religious Minorities Recognized in Constitution from the View point of Iranian Criminal Law

Fatemeh Anahid, Sorayya Javan, Somayyeh Alinezhad, Samaneh Dardmand, Akbar Javan
PDF (688 K)

Recognition and Ranking the Effective Deterrent Factors of the Female Students’ Participation in Sport Activities in the North of Khuzestan

Maryam Sepehri, Mohsen Shirmohammad Zade
PDF (999 K)

Obstacles of the Development of Civil Society with an Emphasis on State and Parties in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Homeyra Pir Momen, Mohsen Sheikh Aleslami, Ali Shojaei Fard
PDF (430 K)

Comparing Various Classification Algorithms by WEKA

Morteza Okhovvat, Hassan Naderi
PDF (815 K)

Identifying and Prioritizing Knowledge Management Effectiveness Indexes in the Health System of the Hospitals Affiliated to Shiraz Medical Sciences University

Morteza Mohammadpour, Parviz Aghaei
PDF (998 K)

The Relationship between Performance Indexes and Service Quality Improvement in Valiasr Hospital of Tehran in 1393

Seyedeh Matin Banihashemian, Somayeh Hesam
PDF (657 K)

The Role of Individual Differences in General Decision-Making Styles of Accountants and Auditors

Safiye Bakhshani, Mohsen Hosseinbor
PDF (778 K)

The Impact of Health Promoting Program on the Increased Health Awareness of Karaj Girl High School Students in the Academic Year 93-94

Tal'at Saki, Somayeh Hesam, Abbas Yazdanpanah
PDF (749 K)

Investigating the Relation between Earnings Management and Information Asymmetry of the Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Somayeh Salimi, Seyedhossein Naslmosavi
PDF (810 K)

Organizational Transparency: Study on concepts, Applications and Advantages

Hasan Darvish, Fatemeh Azimi Zachkani
PDF (573 K)

The Study of Job Alienation Concept and its Relationship with Some Within-Organization Approaches of Human Resources System

Amirhosein Amirkhani, Roghayeh Safikhani
PDF (630 K)

The New Model to Control Access to Personal Medical Information Stored In the Cloud

Morteza Nikou Ghadam, F. Emad
PDF (639 K)

Relationship Between job Satisfaction and Continuous Commitment among the Body Education Trainers in the North of Fars province

Leila Ghorbani Ghafarokhi, Parisa Sabbagh, Khadije Nozari
PDF (493 K)

Educational Implications of the Chapter of Yusuf

Zahra Naderi, Jamshid Sadri
PDF (667 K)

A Survey in the Status of Instrumental, Diagnostic and Certain Taxes

Seyyed Esmaeil Mousavi
PDF (713 K)

Cultural and Historical Landscape of Ātašgāh-i Isfahān

Yaghesh Kazemi, Seyed Yaser Mousavi, Shima Majdi
PDF (1340 K)

The Relationship between Business Executives and Sales Negotiation Skills Ceramic

Mohammad Heydari, Bibi Zahra Momtaz, Habibollah Danai
PDF (1000 K)

Model key elements of knowledge management to enhance creativity and organizational learning (the case of the Standards and Industrial Research of Iran)

Mohammad Heydari, Golsan Ahsani, Habibollah Danai
PDF (1270 K)

A Study on Role of Personality Traits and Stress Coping Styles in Mental Wellbeing of Students

Majid Zargham Hajebi, Nazgol Naeimian, Matin Arsanjani
PDF (850 K)

Simulation and Optimization of Energy Consumption of Sulfur Recovery Unit at Fifth Refinery of South Pars Gas Complex

Gholam Hossein Gholami, Mohammad Sharifi
PDF (870 K)

A Study on How to Adjust Modern Wind Catchers with Contemporary Architecture

Shideh Hakimi, Elahe Sadat Hashemizadeh, Niousha Toroghi
PDF (1020 K)

Surveying the Relationship between Human Capital Growth Indexes and Organization Performance (Case Study: Tourism Bank)

Ali Noghreh,Asadollah Sharifi
PDF (826 K)

Comparative Study of the Factors Affecting Stock Return in the Companies of Refinery and Petrochemical Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Reza Tehrani, Albert Boghosian, Shayesteh Bouzari
PDF (931 K)

The Relationship between Customer Relationship Management and Customer Satisfaction with Services Received Case study: Communications Organization of Tehran Province

Mohammad Heydari, HadisehAbaszadeh, Habibollah Danai
PDF (1000 K)

Effective Factors in Choose a Business Administration at the University of Payame Noor

Mohammad Heydari, Zohreh Kohi Kova, Habibollah Danai, Mohammad Esmail Rostaminia
PDF (1000 K)

Effective Time Management in the Academic Achievement of Students of Payam Noor University

Mohammad Heydari, Zohreh Kohi Kova, Habibollah Danai
PDF (988 K)

Can Capital Adequacy Ratio Specify Banks’ Profitability? A Case Study of Iran

Mohammad Valipour Pasha, Hadi Heidari
PDF (931 K)

P-Valent analytic functions

PDF (777 K)

The Relationship between Employees' Commitment and Organizational Policies

Mohammad Heydari, Ehsan Mostajer Haghighi, Mohammad Esmail Rostaminia
PDF (778 K)

Barriers to Using E-Commerce Companies, Distribution Cooperatives in Tehran Province

Mohammad Heydari, Golsan Ahsani, Habibollah Danai
PDF (885 K)

Difference between Borrowed Usury and Bailment of Capital in Jurisprudence and Law by a Comparative Approach

Masoud Yazdi, Bagher Sedqi, Mahjoobeh Abedi
PDF (750 K)

Juridical Argumentation for the Verses of General Criminal Law

Soltani Zarandi Amin, Gudarzi Taimeh Qolamreza, Karimi Aliakbar, Fahami, Masoud
PDF (671 K)

A Comparative Study of Comparison between Fariqateyn (Sects) and Elimination of Features

Soltani Zarandi Amin, Gudarzi Taimeh Qolamreza, Karimi Aliakbar, Fahami, Masoud
PDF (688 K)

A Comparative Study of Islamic Religions

Masoud Yazdi, Bagher Sedghi, Mahjoobeh Abedi
PDF (719 K)

The impact of global warming on water resources (Case Study: Sirvan River Basin)

M.Gholizadeh, F.Ghaderi, M.Bayazid, M.Kaki
PDF (1620 K)

Value Added Production in the Company's Electrical Panel Builders West Based on Michael Porter's Value Chain

Mohammad Heydari, Ehsan Mostajer Haghigh, Habibollah Danai
PDF (1140 K)

Review How to Increase Iran's Carpet Exports Abroad

Mohammad Heydari, Matineh Moghaddam, Habibollah Danai
PDF (1250 K)

The Effect of Temperature on the Natural Frequency

Hossein Safaeifar, Abdollah Karimi
PDF (1380 K)


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