Requirements for Submission


When submitting your manuscript, you will be asked to provide the following:

Manuscript Files

The manuscript should be organized as described in Organization of the Manuscript.

Manuscripts must make no references to supplemental material.

For invited revisions and resubmissions, you must submit the manuscript text in Word, WordPerfect, Postscript, RTF, LaTeX or Text format. Each figure must be uploaded as a separate file in TIFF or EPS format. Tables may be included either in the manuscript text file or as separate Word, WordPerfect, Postscript, RTF, LaTeX or Text files. PDF format is not accepted for the manuscript text, figures or tables.

Author Information (for each author)

Full Name

Postal Address (with institution)

E-mail Address


Each author must be identified with at least one of the following: Designed research, Performed research, contributed unpublished reagents/analytic tools, Analyzed data, wrote the paper.

Title (50 words maximum) and Running Title (50 characters maximum)


Authors are asked to identify reviewers who are well qualified to referee the work and who would not have a conflict of interest. Authors should provide the name, address, and email for each potential referee. Authors will also be asked to identify reviewers who should be excluded from refereeing.


Authors may request specific Senior Editors or Reviewing Editors, but editor assignments will be made based on expertise of the editors, load, and availability. Authors who may wish to exclude specific Senior Editors or Reviewing Editors from handling their manuscripts must make the request in their Cover Letter. Only requests that provide a clear justification for exclusion on any editor will be considered.

Cover Letter

It is not necessary to include a cover letter. If you choose, you can insert one on the submission form and as a separate file.


Manuscript submissions to The Buletin Teknologi Tanaman must be made using manual system by sending your manuscript to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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